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20+ Best Dance Class Studios in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. It doesn't matter if it's the Electric Slide, the Macarena or your crazy moves. Who hasn't gotten lost in an upbeat song as they jumped around?

But not only does it feel good to the soul, but dancing also has some major health perks. Research shows dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness.

On the hunt for a dance class studio in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right dance studio can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options, and prices out there to consider.

So, finding a dance studio that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of trainers is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your dance studio hunt, we've rounded up our favourite dance class studios from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Read on to discover where to start your search.

Ultimate list of dance class studios in Melbourne


Body Electric Dance Studios - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

+61 3 9417 2278

Operating in the spirit that 'anyone can dance', each semester sees 9 troupes of dancers train hard and rehearse a choreographed routine that will be showcased at a public performance in front of an enthusiastic and demonstrative audience of family and friends.

Body Electric Dance is structured into two semesters, with each resulting in a spectacular performance. The classes are jazz-based at a beginner/intermediate level. The performances are a frenzy of pulse, rhythm and flair in which the dancers proudly present their show-stopping routines of finely tuned moves in extravagantly designed costumes.

Choreographer and principal teacher Jade Duffy transforms the students into pirouetting, body rolling, jazz dancing extraordinaire. "We're mainly a bunch of show-offs", says one dancer in good–humour. What makes Body Electric so special is that you don't have to be a professional dancer – anyone can participate."

With an all-encompassing philosophy of dance fun, the Body Electric's popularity stems from its ability to captivate and embrace people's desire and passion for moving and expressing themselves like never before.

Body Electric Dance Studios was founded by Jade Duffy in 2007 when some eager dance enthusiasts were looking for a fun jazz class to join adult beginners.

Operating in the spirit that 'anyone can dance' each semester sees 9 troupes of dancers train hard and rehearse a choreographed routine that will be showcased at a public performance in front of a 1200-strong audience of enthusiastic family and friends

Working on a semester basis classes are jazz-based at a beginner/intermediate level.

Choreographer and principal teacher Jade Duffy transforms the everyday person into a pirouetting, body rolling jazz dancing extraordinaire.

Each project culminates into a dance extravaganza of pulse, rhythm and flair where the dancers proudly show off their finely tuned moves in extravagantly designed costumes.

"We're mainly a bunch of show-offs", says one dancer in good-humour. "What makes Body Electric so special is that you don't have to be a professional dancer – anyone can participate."

With an all-encompassing philosophy of dance fun, the Body Electric's popularity stems from its ability to captivate and embrace people's desire and passion for moving and expressing themselves like never before.

Think Flashdance, think Fame – think jazz ballet, lycra, leotards and leg warmers.

Rythemics School Of Dance - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

03 9328 3634

Rythemics school of dance is located in the Melbourne CBD, and we offer a variety of dance lessons and classes in our dance studio. We aim to inspire you to dance, be it a ballroom function, Latin street dance, salsa, wedding, company dinner or private social event. With our inspired method of teaching at Rythemics Melbourne, so different from the other dance schools, you will be surprised how quickly you will learn. Soon you'll be on the floor dancing, why not join others who share the same interest?

At Rythemics dance classes and lessons Melbourne, the most internationally popular dances are brought together in a practical and easily understandable way. Our dance styles are divided into four sections, Street Latin, Latin American, Modern Ballroom and New Vogue with a minimum of five dances taught in each style. Whatever your dance needs or individual preferences, the huge variety of dances ensures something to suit you.

Our vision is not only to teach step patterns, styling, technique or how to lead and follow but also to ensure that students enjoy the dancing, the music, the mood, the atmosphere and of course the social life. You do not need to be a good dancer to start learning at Rythemics, and dancing is accessible here to everyone irrespective of age or ability.

At Rythemics dance lessons and classes Melbourne, our friendly, patient and thoughtful instructors are qualified in Ballroom or Latin American styles and other dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Classical dance. This diverse range of skills allows our staff to identify students' strengths and weaknesses in no time and teach them in the easiest possible way so that everyone feels learning to dance is fun and easy.

Finally, here at Rythemics, dancing is an integral part of our lifestyle. We believe that dancing is the most artistic of social pastimes. Dancing is not only a reflection of us but is a basic expression of our business itself. While anyone's initial motivation to dance is often a social one, once past that stage of actually learning to dance, we help our students find in the music, the atmosphere and the dance, the opportunity to take on a new persona.

The Pole Room - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

(03) 9761 5028

We believe in health, wellbeing and self-love, and we're passionate about exercise being fun, challenging and rewarding. Our pole dancing classes are accessible, flexible and custom-tailored to you.

We focus on learning new tricks, combinations and routines. All of our pole and aerial classes are about learning a fun new skill in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. The workout you receive is just an added bonus!!

At The Pole Room, we don't focus on counting repetitions and sets. We focus on learning new tricks, combinations and routines. In all of our classes, the workout is the by-product of learning a fun new skill in a supportive environment.

We've created this introductory package for anyone starting at our in-studio locations – Kilsyth, Mitcham, CBD & Highett. We don't expect you to start with any level of fitness or prior knowledge of pole dancing at our studios. 

No matter your experience or background, you will be surprised at how quickly our pole program will improve your abilities. To get started simply complete the application form and schedule a call.

Melbourne Break Dance - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

+61 409 767 207

Melbourne Break Dance provides a class for every prospective breakdancer, no matter what age or skill level. Pricing structures for breakdance classes differ depending on the studio and teachers running the classes. For pricing enquiries, please click the relevant hyperlink to the studio you are interested in below. Alternatively, you may sign up for any Melbourne Break Dance class by clicking here.

Melbourne Break Dance (Victoria, Australia) is about building a "breaking" dance community. From its origins in New York's hip hop culture in the 1970s, breakdance is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, popularized by shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and movies like "Step Up". Melbourne Break Dance believes in harnessing the physical disciplines of dance and the cultural influences of hip hop music to build Melbourne's youth's health and confidence.

Melbourne Break Dance offers dance classes, expert hip hop teachers, workshops, corporate and party entertainment, and professional dance events, including the MBD Break Dance Gradings!




Like Bboy Flyin Foxy, Michael Fox started break dancing in 1999 and began teaching break in 2006. As his name suggests, he is best known for his high flying tricks and flips. He is a qualified personal trainer with a nutrition certificate and believes in educating the next generation in healthy living through dance. With titles such as Australian Break Dance Champion 2011 & representing Team Australia at The World Championships 2015, Foxy then made it his mission to unite the hip hop community by establishing Melbourne Break Dance; a business dedicated to the preservation of hip hop culture and events.

Studio V - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

03 9459 6129

In 2020 Studio V is celebrating 20 years of dance. Our objective is to teach every child, teen and aspiring artist about the beauty of dance, whilst developing their coordination, rhythm and confidence, within a fun and friendly environment.

Studio V operates within Melbourne's Heidelberg region and has three fully equipped dance studio locations complete with mirrors, barres, heating & cooling. 

We practice the Southern Federation of Dance curriculum, which supports all young dancers' technical development in their chosen genres. Our inclusive school culture means that we have classes that will suit all dancer enthusiasts, from recreational to production-based.    

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Poms, Dance Fusion, Musical Theatre (Vocals & Drama), Contemporary, Acrobatics, Pointe Work, Production, VCE Dance and Pilates. 

With fully qualified dance instructors, we can train all students to reach their fullest performance potential, commencing from Toddler classes right through to Young Adults. 


BA-MS, Cert IV-HR, SFD, Ausdance & APRA member

Vassie fell in love with dancing at a young age and discovered what became a life long passion! While Classical Ballet was an integral part of Vassie's dance training, Jazz was her real strength, winning the SFD Major Jazz Scholarship in 1998. 

At age 17 Vassie's dedication to dance lead her to complete her Teachers Certificate with the SFD in 1998.

Industry background: Vassie has worked at numerous dance schools in Melbourne, including the fulltime dance academy at Dance World 301, and featured in television commercials, TV programs, film clips, modelled for print magazines and toured nationally as a dancer and choreographer in hair show productions for Loreal.

Business acumen: A Bachelor of Media Studies and holds a Certificate IV in Human Resources from La Trobe University, Vassie spent over a decade working at Sensis (Telstra) in various HR, Sales Management and Customer Centre Managerial positions. 

Bringing both Industry and Business backgrounds together Vassie opened the doors of Studio V School of Dance in 2001. Over the last twenty years, Vassie has maintained her goal of offering all dance styles to junior and senior students, by sharing her passion with others.

Over the years, Vassie has worked with many highly talented industry professionals and watched many of her students go on to pursue professional dance. Every member of Studio V's teaching faculty is professionally trained and shares the same vision and purpose of professional-level dance education.

In 2020 Studio V celebrated 20 years of dance. To celebrate this occasion, in September 2019, Studio V took 50 of its production students to Los Angeles to perform at Disneyland and Universal Studios and took part in classes within renowned LA Dance Studios.

We look forward to sharing the magic of dance with all young performance enthusiasts.

Street Dance Studios - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

0403 082 563

Street Dance Studios is one of Australia's leading hip-hop dance studios. We run specialised classes for all ages and all levels. 

Established in 2012, Street Dance Studios is run by the elite crew 'Superhoodz'. We provide hip-hop and breakdancing classes for all ages. Located in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, we are a tight little community full of joy and smiles!

Superhoodz crew is Australia's most active Hip Hop Dance crew. Most commonly known as semi-final contestants on Australias Got Talent in 2012 and the NBL Melbourne United's dancers.

Founded in 2008, they have won a range of hip-hop competitions and travelled the world with their highly energetic and engaging shows. Street Dance Studios are proud to say that all teachers at our studio, are Superhoodz members, so you'll be learning from some of the best! 

Studio J - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

0431 757 829

We teach traditional, semi-classical, modern and cross-cultural Indian dance, with classes available both in-studio and online. Our teachers are independent South Asian artists, who are highly trained and specialised in their unique art forms. We offer 8-week performance courses (in-studio) that enable you to master a dance routine and be featured in our professionally produced dance videos. We also offer online courses and dance-on-demand tutorials. Choose from our huge range of dance options, and start learning dance on your terms, from anywhere in the world!

We're so confident that you'll be able to learn dance at Studio J, that we're the only dance studio offering a dance guarantee. If you complete a course and find that you're unable to learn the dance routine, we will refund your fees. It's that simple. We're here for our dance family. Dance. Guaranteed.

Founded in 2016, Studio J is an independent dance studio that brings together the wide & varied Indian dance forms under the one roof. Our huge range of classes offers everything from Indian classical dance to Bollywood, folk & modern cross-cultural. Studio J celebrates the diversity of Indian dance, whilst also respecting its traditions. Our teachers are Melbourne-based South Asian artists, highly trained and specialised in their unique art forms. We aim to spread the love and culture of Indian dance to a diverse audience, by making it accessible, engaging and relevant. The only dance studio of its kind in Australia, Studio J has evolved into a thriving community which promotes and nurtures Indian dance.

Jaya Karan

Jaya is owner and Director of two dance companies, Studio J and Sapphire Dance. A dancer-entrepreneur at heart, Jaya has been the driving force behind both companies success. Jaya started dancing as a hobby in her early 20's, and eventually decided to learn Bharatanatyam at the age of 32. Since then, Jaya has gone on to choreograph, teach, perform and work with some of the best in Australia's dance community. Having personally experienced how dance can create positive change, Jaya feels strongly about encouraging others to dance at any age. Jaya is also a physiotherapist and passionate about the impact dance can have upon mental, physical and social wellbeing. 

The Space Dance & Arts Centre - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

(03) 9529 3940

If you've got the flair and the passion, step into Space, where you can find dance Melbourne classes that will unleash your creativity. Join our Hip Hop dance classes, Jazz classes, Kids dance classes, Le Bop classes, take our short courses or venue hire and expand your horizons. Discover the artist in you as you explore a variety of dance classes together with fellow dance enthusiasts.

We offer casual dance classes in Melbourne for kids and adults. With a Taste of Dance Melbourne, you can try new and different dance styles and find your personal favourite. Choose among a wide range of dance classes and perform dance moves you never thought you could.

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez… these are just a few artists who have redefined dancing and paved their road to fame. Their dance moves are known the world over, and you too can learn those moves right here at The Space, where you will find the finest dance professionals in Melbourne. Book your favourite dance lessons now and set yourself free. Dance Melbourne has never been this fun and exciting! Enjoy!

Statement Of Inclusivity

At The Space, we recognise that we have a diverse group of staff, teachers, parents, students and hirers. We embrace and value the diversity of our community, and as such, it is our policy to be inclusive and mindful of this diversity in our policies, programs, studios, and interactions with others. We embrace all people regardless of their age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. We continually challenge ourselves and others in an environment of mutual concern and respect for all individuals' free expression.

The Space Dance and Arts Centre is an exciting dance and arts centre featuring a variety of dance and rehearsal studios, theatre, meeting room, gallery space and lounge. Space has a range of dance classes for people of various dance abilities and interest levels as well as providing rehearsal and performance space for artists and producers.

The Space Dance and Arts Centre is located on Chapel Street opposite Pran Central. (Entrance in Carlton St). Conveniently close to coffee shops, restaurants, parking, Chapel off Chapel and in the heart of Melbourne's shopping district.

Bachata Salsa Tango - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

0424 289 279

At BST, we are committed to providing our students with a place and space to grow individually and passionately.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured yours in the right hands.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, we offer instructions in Bachata, Salsa, Tango Argentine, Latin and Ballroom.

So don't waste any more time…

Come in and learn to dance today!

Shawn & Carla lead the Salsa & Bachata classes at

Bachata Salsa Tango.

Running weekly group classes in South Yarra, they also participate in organising private classes, workshops & events in & around Melbourne.

Shawn has been involved in the dance arena for close to 20 years. His experiences include hip-hop, latin, ballroom aswell as competitions in dance sport nationally & internationally. His passion for dance has to lead him to the love of his life…

Salsa & Bachata!

Coming from a Latino background, Carla has grown up moving & shaking her hips to Latin rhythms. She loves to encourage people to try new things & have fun. With Carla's big smile, you can be assured you will feel welcomed to their class.

Together they would best be described as warm, friendly, encouraging & passionate.

Experience classes that are lively, carefree & filled with plenty of laughs. Meet new people whilst learning a dance from a different culture. Get fit with the diverse movements behind Salsa & Bachata. Classes are accessible to all abilities.

Mathis Dance Studios - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

(03) 9587 9374

A creatively inspiring place to learn how to dance, have fun, achieve goals, and build lasting friendships.

With a 60 year history of teaching and performance experience, Mathis Dance Studios is a highly regarded dance school in Melbourne, providing a nurturing platform for our students to explore, develop and instil a lifelong passion for dance. 

What makes Mathis Dance Studios so unique?

Our sole purpose is to inspire each one of our students with love for dance.

We combine creativity, imagination and individuality with the opportunity to develop a healthy mind and body through dance exercise. These values have become the hallmark of what makes Mathis Dance Studios so unique and special.

Come on in, take a look! We are like one big dance family here at Mathis. What you'll find is a place that will capture your passion and value your efforts and commitment to being the best you can be. We dance for the love of it. 

We Encourage

Dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios

Mathis Dance Studios prides itself on creating a 'family' atmosphere that nurtures learning, teamwork, self-expression and confidence. All students can enjoy a supportive and friendly teaching approach while receiving a high standard in dance instruction for all ages and abilities.

We Inspire

Dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios

Whether seeking a career in dance or learning for fun, all students are given every opportunity to achieve in a positive learning environment. We believe in the infinite possibility of passion when applied to dance. We impress this philosophy in all our classes. Our teachers are passionate, and it shows!

Highly Qualified

Dance teachers Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios

We offer over 70 classes per week, and this can only be achieved by selecting qualified teachers with extensive training and careers in classical ballet and other dance styles.

By combining our dedication to high-quality technique with artistry, musicality and discipline into our teaching, we aim to equip students with skills that will help them, not only as dancers but in their everyday lives.

We Facilitate

Ballet dance classes Melbourne Mathis Dance Studios

Mathis Dance Studios has become one of Melbourne's leading dance schools, excelling in competitions and a variety of performance work. Our dynamic, multi-disciplined dance facility offers four purpose-built studios for student safety, all with fully sprung floors and a 9 run sprung competition floor. 

We have comfortable waiting areas for parents and students, helpful staff in reception, and an onsite dancewear shop to purchase uniforms and dance shoes. 

Why dance with us?

When deciding which school is best suited for a child, it is often difficult for parents, especially those from a non-dance background to know how to make an informed decision. Class sizes, qualifications of teachers and dance styles offered are among some of those considerations.

Whether your child wants to dance for fun or have opportunities to take their dancing more seriously as they progress, your child must receive correct dance training from the very beginning.

We truly believe our dance school offers the best of both worlds.

By supporting every single one of our students to realise his or her full potential, we, in turn, deliver a dance school with a focus on high-quality dance education with correct technique within a friendly and encouraging environment.

Each and every student is important to us. We are first and foremost, a dance family. We show respect for ourselves, our teachers and each other.

Dance Dynamics - Dance Class Studios Melbourne


With over 200 classes outdoors and in the studio, plus 300 online across dance, dance it, and fitness each week, we've got your exercise and wellness needs to be covered. Our flexible 30-minute classes run 6 days a week. You can get in and out, or do a series back to back. Flexible timetables will suit your diverse lifestyle. Dance Dynamics adult classes cater ages 16 – 60+ with or without dance and/or fitness experience. Learn, move, strengthen, tone and feel good in a no-pressure environment. 

Forget about counting reps, worrying about how you look or counting down till your workout is over. You'll simply be having too much fun, so much so that your notice you'll be working out, building strength and developing a new skill because the secret to a successful exercise routine is to have a lot of fun. When you combine music and movement and our special brand of motivation, you have found a workout and fitness program that ignites your spirit. Ballet Barre strengthened the legs and cultivated graceful movement and Jazz and Hip Hop to switch on the brain and express yourself. You'll be burning calories and building muscle with our fitness dancing classes. Imagine a workout that you enjoy!

Our Philosophy

It's time to shake things up and dance your way to excellent health. Dance-inspired workouts are the ultimate dance and fitness experience – and that's because they're so effective. From BALLET to HIP-HOP to LATIN moves, our dance classes in Melbourne help you burn loads of calories and gets your heart pumping while getting your mind into that happy place.

Beyond Exercise

Fitness dance classes are so much fun that losing weight and gaining fitness becomes an added bonus, not a tedious must-do. Forget boring workouts and endless repetitive movements, and dancing is where it's at. Our fitness classes are in all pockets of Melbourne, so you can guarantee that there are a class and a location that suits your needs, your fitness level.

Dance Dynamics is fun and fitness-based dance studios located in four locations over Melbourne, Australia. We believe that mindful movement can be the ultimate medicine. Using music with movement, dance, and fitness builds a strong body, big heart, and a peaceful mind—a vital key to creating balance and happiness in a hectic, fast-paced world. 

In 1998 Katherine created Dance Dynamics with a simple mission :

"Allow all to learn the pure how of dance, enabling a fundamental expression of the human spirit."

Soon joined by her professional dance partner and husband John-Paul and Katherine teamed up to grow an amazing community of like-minded instructors and members. Creating a legacy that will continue to grow and evolve. The team are committed to sharing their love, knowledge and passion for fitness and dance. You may also notice some familiar faces. Some of our instructors have made appearances on "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars" where our very own co-owner John-Paul won the grand final championship with singer Kate Ceberano. 

Our history is our legacy. Photos were taken 20 years apart. The first image at Dance Dynamics Boxhill studio in 1998 and second photo performing at the 20th-anniversary celebration in 2018. 

The Dance Studio - Dance Class Studios Melbourne

03 9888 4750

For students aged 2+

We offer classes for students from two years of age to adults – from our thriving Baby Toes Program to our Examination and Competition stream. The Dance Studio students can start their dance journey with us as a toddler and continue into their adult years. Interested in a more relaxed once a week class without the hassles or pressure of exams? We offer recreational classes in all genres, from age seven upwards! With a program for EVERY student, we are the one-stop dance studio in the Eastern Suburbs!

Safe Environment

We provide a safe space for all of our students and their families. We are committed to complying with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards, and every staff member has a current Working With Children Check. We believe that all students, staff and parents/carers deserve respect and kindness, and we have a strict anti-bullying policy.

Fun and Stimulating Classes

We are known for our dynamic classes and positive, happy studio environment. Parents enjoy relaxing in our comfortable waiting room, and children love coming to their classes every week. Director, Jessica Masson, is passionate about making dance enjoyable for all of our students. We continuously fine-tune class content and plan all classes with appropriate age, ability, choreography and music choices. All staff complete yearly continuing professional development for their dance speciality.

Established by Ms Susan Sargison in 1991 THE DANCE STUDIO ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS (Formally Hawthorn Studio of Dance) has taught thousands of students Boroondara area for over 25 years. We have helped many students follow their dreams and build successful dance careers both in Australia and internationally.

In 2014, the school outgrew its Hawthorn location and opened a new purpose-built facility in Surrey Hills encompassing professional dance studios, large parent waiting area, change rooms and storage for our huge costume library! We continue to run classes at the lovely St Columbus Church Hall in Hawthorn.

2016 saw the school change its name to "THE DANCE STUDIO ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS". This name change reflects our expansion to our new studio in Surrey Hills and our class offerings' growth. We are a complete performing arts training facility. Our students thrive in classical ballet and other modern dance styles and musical theatre, singing, and acrobatics. Our Baby Toes is taught at both Hawthorn and Surrey Hills locations.

THE DANCE STUDIO team are committed to providing the very best performing arts education to our students. We are passionate about instilling our students with the confidence, technical skills and a love of dance and performing.

What makes a good dancer?

Some people are just innately born with traits and abilities that allow them to do magnificent things. Whether you're a dancer, visual artist, musician, or in a completely different type of industry, different characteristics and skills provide certain people with the ability to accelerate in their particular field, almost effortlessly because of certain intrinsic features. If you're wondering whether you possess the traits that make a great dancer, here are some of the highlighted ones to recognise.

Do you have the kind of traits it takes to be a great dancer? Keep reading!

The Traits of a Good Dancer

Motivation & Determination

What motivates you to want to dance? Did you fall in love with dancing the first time you watched someone perform onstage? Have you dreamed of being a dancer since you were little? Or maybe you just love how it makes you feel when you're dancing to music. Understanding what your motivation is can give you all the determination you need to chase your dreams of being a great dancer.


All good dancers have discipline. Discipline is one of the top factors that can determine if you become an amazing dancer. Many people who start are really good dancers, they have energy, talent, and know-how to have fun, but they don't continue with their dreams because they don't have discipline. If you want to be a great dancer, you need to make dancing a top priority.


Does the idea of dancing make your heart go fast? Do you love to practice dance moves, or enjoy watching great dancers perform? It takes a lot of hard work to become a good dancer but having enthusiasm and passion for the craft can make it easier when you practice. After all, when we have enthusiasm for something, we want to do it as often as we can and be as great as possible.


Learning to become a great dancer doesn't happen after one lesson; it takes a lot of time and effort. This is true even for people who have a natural talent for creative movement. As you learn, there will be times when you fall, make mistakes, and get frustrated. It might not even feel as if you're getting any better. But you are. It's important to remember that it can take months to get the fundamentals down and years to become an excellent dancer. Having patience while you work through the process will pay off in the long run.

If you love to dance and you possess some of these key traits, rest assured that you just might have what it takes to become a great dancer. And when you're ready to get started in pursuing your dancing dreams, reach out to us, or check out our line up of classes. 

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