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What is the best online invitation maker?

Online invitations are a fabulous option for all your pre-wedding events—we’re talking engagement parties (yes, your loved ones might throw you more than one!), the bridal shower, bachelor/ette parties, welcome cocktails and more. Online invitations are more affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to paper invites—and they’re gorgeous and customisable to suit your style. We firmly stand by snail mail, especially for the big stuff like wedding invitations and thank-you cards. But when it comes to party invites, we can get on board with digital invites, especially if you choose one of these fabulous online invitation options.

Whatever your reason for wanting a digital wedding invite, there are surprisingly amazing places where you can create FREE online wedding invitations! Of course, hiring a wedding invite designer is your best bet if you want a highly personalised Save The Date and complete wedding invitation suite. But for those of us who are on a tight budget and have some time to spare, free wedding and engagement invitation card makers are great!

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Don’t Send Online Wedding Invitations—Here’s Why

First things first. There’s one etiquette rule we won’t budget on: Don’t use online invitations for your wedding. While digital invitations work beautifully for pre- and post-wedding parties, your actual, formal wedding invitations should always be on physical stationery, mailed with love, to each guest. Why? Sending tangible wedding invitations to your loved ones conveys you truly care about celebrating with each and every one of them. Your friends and fam are about to put so much effort into celebrating with you (spending money on gifts, travel, outfits, hotel rooms and more)—so put your share of effort into sending lovely paper wedding invitations that get them excited for what’s to come.

Best Online Invitations for Wedding-Related Events

An invitation which contains the reason for your celebrations, joy and which conveys your celebration in the best possible way. Here are the few websites which are helpful in making a good invitation card. An invitation which contains the reason for your celebrations, joy and which conveys your celebration in the best possible way. Here are the few websites which are helpful in making a good invitation card. 

Invitation cards convey that you are celebrating something special in your life, which is close to your heart. The celebrations get even more important when it is joined by the loved ones from your relatives and friends. For every occasion, you ought to have a beautiful invitation card to let people know that they are important in your life and you need their presence and blessings. An invitation which contains the reason for your celebrations, joy and which conveys your celebration in the best possible way. Here are the few websites which are helpful in making a good invitation card. You can also see Invitation Templates.

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is free of cost graphic design app that is available in both desktop and mobile versions. The app comprises a number of tools that help you to create images, web pages and videos which can then be used to tell a story or send out messages.

It’s similar to Canva – has a website and app (only on iOS). But it has only a handful of free Save The Date templates and no easy-to-use templates for Indian wedding invites. It’s basically like an easier version of Photoshop where you have to create something from scratch. Still, they have attractive Fonts, Elements, Layout and Colour Palette combos that make it easier for you to come up with a decent looking invite. However, your design’s creativity is limited by your imagination. So those looking for a blank canvas with a little support (from everything except a full-on template), who don’t know how to use Photoshop, will find this awesome.

Canva is one more option to create beautiful online invitations. To start browsing designs, you must sign up. After that, you’ll see a short tutorial on how to use the tool and be able to try it immediately. Select the Invitation design type. Choose a layout, elements, text, background and upload your content.

Once your invitation is ready, you may download into a PC in JPG, PNG or PDF formats, share on Facebook and Twitter or send via email. All options are free.

Invitation templates are not so numerous on this website. Still, you’ll be able to send pretty invites in bulk free of charge.


Evite is said to be the most trusted websites which have sent more than two billion invitations successfully. It is easy to use and create online applications. It also carries the feature of tracking RSVPs easily.


If you’re a firm believer in the etiquette of thoughtful handwritten invitations, Greenvelope is should be your first stop. Its hundreds of designs span moody watercolours, quirky hand-drawings, elegant minimalist images and more classic romance illustrations, many with templates for a suite of save-the-dates, invitations and post-event thank-yous.

There’s a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate dashboard where you can set up RSVP tracking and customise your invites with survey questions (useful if you’re doing a professional event), a gift registry, ticket-selling features or donations. There are tons of features especially suited to weddings and big events, with options for guests to enter names of plus-ones (or more), the ability to address invites by group (for example, family or couple), and a summary of open rates and responses.

The platform also caters well to multi-event agendas—there’s a dedicated section to add each event and its venue with a description, time and Google Maps link, all of which are included in the details section of the invite itself. However, guests can’t respond separately to each event. So if someone could attend the wedding but couldn’t make it to the rehearsal dinner, there’s no good way to let the host know.

Greenvelope donates part of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a nonprofit organisation that maintains forests.

Greetings Island

Greetings Island carries the Oscar when it comes to designing online greetings and invitation cards. The website allows you to create free printable e-cards easily and fast. You can easily design invitation cards for any occasion you are planning, be it a birthday, farewell, anniversary, cheer up, wedding, house warming party, and more. The website doesn’t require any sort of registration or sign up. All you have to do is visit the site and start designing your cards. Greetings Island also allows you to design and share your cards online with whoever you want to invite to the occasion.

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Juke Box Print

Juke box definitely knows how to keep its customers happy. They have amazing business deals which they offer. They also have an easy tool which allows trendy cards to make in the easiest most manner. They design all sort of design and deliver it right at your doorstep.


Lucidpress is a print and digital publishing software that is available online. It is a drag and drops app that can be used to create awesome content for both print medium as well as a digital medium. It can be used to design brochures, invitations, posters, flyers and whatnot.


Minted has got all types of invites you need for your celebrations. From birthdays to anniversaries it has the best invite designs all sorted in the website list. This website has got the designers from all over the world which delivers quality designs.

Mainly intended for weddings, Minted’s designs are sourced from a diverse community of independent artists and printed on luxurious cotton paper. You can pick a card design only, or go for the free wedding website as well, where you can post the details of the big day (or long weekend), track your RSVPs for separate events, and add a gift registry. The website designs are all from artists who’ve won competitions organised by Minted. Choose your favourite look and customise it with your wedding details, and then you can (if you want to) order the matching printed invites, which include addressed guest envelopes (you do your stamping and mailing).

Minted recently launched its online invite feature in beta, where you can create free online invitations for other occasions—dinner parties, bachelorette bashes, holiday parties. Guests are treated to a sleek, scrolling, animated invite when they click on the link. Along with the event details, hosts can include a Google Maps link, survey question, and an option for guests to bring a plus-one (or more). As with the e-vite heavyweights, you can set RSVP reminders and event reminders to be sent automatically.

Paperless Post

Paperless post has got the feature to design the invitation card online and offline both. It carries the featured “designer option” where it has beautiful designs made by the designers of the website. It also has the option where you can design your card according to your own needs and events.

You can’t go wrong with Paperless Post and its collection of sophisticated, classy designs for events from kids’ birthdays to anniversary celebrations, weddings and garden parties. Collaborations with fashion and lifestyle designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade New York mean there are plenty of modern, aesthetically pleasing designs to choose for your next batch of invitations, and the fonts on envelopes and card interiors are equally stylish and well-chosen.

There are many free designs for online invites, which can include a Google Maps link, a comment wall, a gift registry and poll questions, as well as a request to be added to a mailing list and a plus-one (or more) option for guests to bring partners or kids.

For professional events, you can set a maximum capacity that will prevent guests from accepting after a certain limit.

All designs can also be ordered as printed invitations, with envelopes addressed and proofed for free, mailed to your home (you do your own mailing).


Pingg boasts of having the only website which has an independent designer community, which speaks of a variety of design which is unique for different occasions. It is the best website if you are looking for something which depicts young and innovative.

If you enjoy dressing up casual events with cute, personalised invitations, Pingg might be for you. Its low-key, cheerful designs, created by independent artists, are organised by category, including BBQs, pool parties and birthdays. You can also upload your own designs or photos to use in the invites.

If you’re planning a potluck, you can add a list of food items that guests can then sign up to bring. You can also add a gift registry for birthdays or weddings. If there’s a third-party event or other venue involved—or if you’d like to collect cash for a joint gift—Pingg lets you sell tickets and collect donations. The free service displays ads on the invites, which might not be an issue if you’re inviting your girlfriends to the monthly movie night; otherwise, you can pay $10 per event (which includes access to a premium design) or $30/year for unlimited events.

Simplytoimpress is another popular online invitation maker. With it, you can create a stylish card to invite and impress your guests with. There are no electronic copies. The invitation you do online will be printed and delivered to your invitees at $1-2 each. The price of the card depends on the paper quality or additional details. 


Smile box has an application which lets you quickly create and share free invitations online, plus slideshows, photo albums, scrapbooks, greetings in a very personalised way. It also provides the users for a free one week trial. With this tool, you may invite your guests using animated photos, videos and themes.

Smilebox is an easy and impressive way to reach out to your online friends and families with special messages that are beautifully crafted and richly layered. With Smilebox, you can create beautifully designed e-cards for wedding invitations, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. All the templates are beautifully designed, animated, and fully personalised. You can add custom music, photos, and other special effects and Smilebox will let you preview your draft at any stage of creation. Once the e-card is ready, you can share it via email or post to Twitter, Facebook or on any blog free of charge. All this is offered free of charge. 

How to Make Invitation Cards Online Free?

You can always hire the services of an expert to help you design an invitation card. However, this can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. Then there might be times when you wish to design your invitation cards. You can easily do this with the help of invitation card making software and websites that are available online.

A look at the Top 7 Free Infographics Tools & Online Makers in 2016 will give you an idea of the various options that are available free of cost. You just need to select a layout, impose an image and add in the content to design a perfect invitation card.

Wondering how to design an invitation without the help of an expert? Well, check out the tools and online makers to find the best-suited software. In order to enhance the invitations with personalised signatures, you can even make use of the Best Email Signature Generators, Tools & Online Makers too. Easy to access and download, customised invitations are now just a few clicks away.

Usage of Online Invitation Making Tools and their Benefits

These are the basic online invitation makers tools which can be used for wedding, birthdays, graduation ceremony and all other types of invitation according to your needs. These online application tools are easier to customise. All the above website have the option to buy the product online or design it yourself. Some of the websites have designs from across the globe, which is innovative and fresh.

Some of the websites allow its users to use it for a trial period later on it can be upgraded to the paid versions. They come in PDF form, so printing the invites are easy. To save the paper and cut on the postal charges you can send these invites online as well. The best part about these online invitation maker tools is that you can track your RSVP’s.

Online invitations makers have become so popular that the physical cards are slowly becoming outdated. For years, the online invitations maker sites only provided services to those who were willing to pay. But now an influx of online invitations maker sites have changed that stereotype, forcing even the earlier sites to either reduce the fee or go free. If you haven’t used an online invitations maker site before, now it’s the time to check out these sites. Hope you found this article useful. 

Wedding Invitation Tips
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