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What Do You Do At A Wedding Instead Of Dancing?

It's a fact that not everyone enjoys dancing. Is there anything other than dancing that you can do during your wedding to keep your guests entertained? You can do more than just dance at a wedding. It may seem like this is the norm for weddings, but some people may not feel the same way and some people may feel uncomfortable with this. The wedding dance is optional and not for everyone. Nothing says "I do" that your wedding must include dancing. There are plenty of alternatives to dancing that you can enjoy on your wedding day. There are plenty of other things you and your visitors can do that are just as entertaining.

Nearly everything we need is now available for sale or rental. The only thing stopping you from having a dance-free wedding is your own creative juices. We anticipate that the majority of guests at your wedding will enjoy getting their groove on the dance floor whenever the mood strikes, but we recognise that not everyone shares this enthusiasm. However, dancing is often chosen as wedding entertainment, which can be nerve-wracking for couples who aren't particularly rhythmic.

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The norm at a wedding reception may be dancing, but it doesn't mean you have to join in. A wedding with an empty dance floor is a sad sight. Of course, not everyone is a dancer. It's possible that you have no interest in dancing at all! If you don't want to spend $40.00 on something you'll be bored during the first hour of, what's the point in doing it? You don't want to give up dancing, do you? Create a lively playlist and provide interesting pursuits.

We have compiled a list of alternatives to dancing at weddings in case you and your future spouse are uncomfortable with the idea of getting down on the dance floor. This is especially helpful if you are planning an intimate ceremony and reception where a wild night of revelry is out of the question. However, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all answer; the type of entertainment you choose for your wedding reception will depend on the atmosphere and formality of the event. With some ingenuity and preparation, you may make your special day as enjoyable as possible.

Truth be said, not everyone has the ability to clap on the beat. Instead of hiring a DJ for your friends and family who have trouble keeping the beat, consider creating an alternative activity that everyone can enjoy. While a great playlist is always appreciated, the fun at your reception shouldn't end when guests leave the dance floor. Wedding receptions are now more lively than ever before, with couples surprising and delighting guests with a wide variety of activities and entertainment. Here are eleven creative wedding reception ideas, with and without dancing, ranging from classic lawn games to hired performers and personalised cocktails.

Why Do People Not Dance At Their Weddings?

It's not uncommon for couples to opt out of having dances during their wedding for various reasons. They're not following the conventional wedding script because, for one thing, they want to stand out. While it may be indispensable to some, others may be becoming tired of it. It's also possible that neither person in the couple can dance, which would be a huge problem. They may have mobility issues due to illness or a wheelchair. Last but not least, cultural and religious considerations may play a role. It is considered impolite to have dancing during social gatherings in many cultures. Some of the world's most influential faiths also prohibit it. By eliminating the need for dancing, you're making the event more welcoming to all attendees.

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Other Activities During A Wedding Reception Besides Dancing 

In the end, you'll want your wedding to have a focal point that serves to unite your guests and leave a memorable impression. So, if dancing isn't your thing, you'll have to get creative. For your luck, I'm here to offer assistance.

Games for Reception

It's well-known that there will be downtime for guests during every wedding. During the course of a dinner service, this will certainly occur in between each meal. It's likely the last thing on your mind while planning your wedding is for your guests to fall asleep during the festivities. So why not provide your visitors with a fun activity they may enjoy without leaving their seats? If you want to keep your guests entertained over a four- or five-course meal, printed game cards are a great idea. If you have a group of visitors at a table who don't know each other, these games are a terrific way to get the discussion flowing. Read on for some inspired Pinterest boards.

  1. Couples Trivia
  2. Crossword Puzzles
  3. Wedding Word Search

It's a staple of party entertainment to play the shoe game with visitors. Having the two of you sit back-to-back, each of you holding one of your shoes and the other's, is guaranteed to elicit a round of laughter from onlookers. The host will pose a series of questions, and you'll have to show who in the team has the answer by holding up their shoe. When the emcee starts throwing out questions like, "Who is the better driver? " and "Who snores the loudest? ", hilarious arguments are guaranteed to break out.

There are a lot of little and big things to think about when planning the wedding of your dreams. The visual and emotional tone of your wedding day will be greatly impacted by the centrepiece you choose. No matter how much you appreciate the aesthetic value of a DIY arrangement or the elegance of a flower centrepiece, you can rest assured that the instant your guests take a seat at their table, they will be fighting over who gets to keep the centrepiece. Have your DJ play a fun game where guests have to choose between your aunt and your college best friend to win the centrepiece. There are several methods to participate:

  1. Closest Birthday - The person who has had their birthday the most recently wins your centrepiece.
  2. Pass the Napkin - Pass the napkin till the music stops, just like the childhood game hot potato. When the music stops, whoever is holding the napkin is out. Continue in this manner until just one person remains. They will be the lucky recipient of your centrepiece.
  3. Couple celebrating their anniversary - A lovely method to emphasise the significance of long-lasting love. The couple who has been married the longest receives the centrepiece at the end of the night.

Allow Your Visitors to Speak

You may make it feel like a lounge by turning down the lights and providing comfortable couches and chairs. A little background music can set the tone, but otherwise, guests should be free to mingle and have fun in an unstructured setting. Weddings often serve as reunions, but there is rarely enough time to engage in more than a brief "Hello" and "Thanks for coming!" exchange with each attendee. Engage in a reenactment of a college experience, spend time with your grandparents, or pair up acquaintances from different parts of your life. In a nutshell, spend time with the people you care about the most and have fun doing it.

Play some Laser Tag or Arcade Games

If you're going for the old-fashioned, formal wedding route, Then wouldn't recommend this. Why not show the people you care about that you care by bringing the games to them and sharing your passion for gaming with them? Find a mobile arcade game company by searching the yellow pages. Your wedding will be unforgettable if you provide entertaining activities for your guests, such as laser tag, Dance Dance Revolution, Mario Kart, or Pinball. If that's out of your price range, consider some classics like Jenga, Sorry, and Hungry, Hungry, Hippo instead. Games like leg races and double dutch are fun for people of all ages.

Sing Some Wedding Karaoke

In the past, they attended weddings where the hosts actively encouraged the guests to break out into song, and the ensuing chaos was priceless. Everyone there sung the songs loud and proud like they were at a Dresden Dolls concert, regardless of age or musical preference. Karaoke removes the pressure that guests at a wedding would otherwise feel to give a performance.

The name "Karaoke" tends to elicit a range of reactions from people, but a fantastic way to personalise karaoke for a wedding is to invite guests who have a knack for songwriting or singing to participate in the evening's performances. Make sure you get in touch with guests well in advance of the wedding to find out if they would be willing to sing or perform a special song for the occasion. Pick something that the two of you really like or that holds some special meaning for you. Alternatively, you might do what this pair has done and write and sing a song.

For a riskier perspective, give them the freedom to come up with whatever they want to perform as a personal tribute in the lead-up to the big day. This way, instead of having to endure awkward silences or uninvited repetitions of "Wonderwall," you can enjoy a personalised performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

To ensure your band is on board with you doing these additional shows, it's important to keep them informed of the specifics and have their agreement in advance. They are receptive to the idea of doing so. Find out if they need to provide the accompaniment or if they may just give over the guitar, for example in a solo acoustic performance. An experienced creative will gladly assist you in realising your evening's goals.

Allow Bookworms to Read

Have your reception at a local bookshop or library, though this idea would likely only fly for smaller weddings or as a side event rather than a replacement for dancing. Invite your visitors to read the books that have had the most impact on your life. Bookmarks can be made and given out as favours, local poets can perform, and specialty cocktails can be named after books. Don't be afraid to use actual words.

Indoor Games

Wedding games are a great alternative to dancing if you're planning an indoor reception. It's simple to hire, buy, or borrow a ping-pong (table tennis) table. Foosball is another compact game option if you're looking to mix things up.

Despite the name, you can play corn hole with bean bags anywhere. You can't go wrong with a dartboard or a pool table, either. When appropriate, the use of alcoholic beverages can also transform these games into entirely new forms of entertainment. A few examples of games that can be easily converted to incorporate water are beer pong and quarters. These competitions could be held in a dedicated arena or moved to a more convenient location.

Live Performances

It's the kind of thing people only get to see at fairs, amusement parks, and circuses. If you want to make an impression, hire a fire spinner, acrobat, contortionist, or magician. My sister found a terrific method to keep people interested before and after dinner by hiring a person to roam around doing card tricks.

In that instance, they might be strolling around a larger site, or the whole thing might be staged. These are fun for people of all ages and may be used in any setting, whether indoors or out. In the right setting, a comedian can add a unique element to a wedding that isn't typically there. The people in your social circle could even be able to lend a hand. If you want your guests to be able to relax and mingle without feeling rushed, live music is a great option for your reception. Pick a performer or band that fits in with the vibe you want to create for the evening, whether as the main attraction or as a supporting act.

Spend Some Fun Time At A Photo Booth.

According to Chandra Keel of Chandra Keel Weddings + Events, "photo booths are always a tremendous favourite with visitors." She suggests having not one, but two picture booths available so that people may take home memories of the occasion. She suggests that "every booth" has its own unique decoration and accessories. "Visitors can pick their prefered mode of presentation or sample both."

Take Guests On A Wine Or Spirits Tasting Tour

Host a live wine or spirit tasting at your bar to turn it into an engaging experience for your guests. Very simple. Consider hosting a tasting with a specific focus, such as a sampling of regional beers or a vertical tasting of your prefered Scotch and American whiskeys. It's also a fantastic opportunity to display libations that hold sentimental value in the couple's history, such as a collection of Chilean wines to remember the couple's first major trip to South America or a set of Champagnes to celebrate the couple's engagement in Paris. Then, at the reception, have a sommelier or bartender lead tastings for small groups of guests.

Set Up a Portrait Studio

You might have fun with a photo booth full of silly props, but why not take the opportunity to give your visitors a professional photoshoot? Prepare a photo studio where guests can get their picture taken in front of a fancy backdrop and under good lighting. The finished photos are magazine-worthy in every way. Is there a catch? A professional photographer, not an automated system, takes the pictures. Photographer Gurminder Banga of Banga Studios, who has set up portrait lounges at events throughout the world, It provides an experience where the guest and the couple both get to capture everlasting classics. You "must have a wind machine because that pushes it to a whole new level.

Serve the Coolest Desserts

Here's your chance to wow your guests like a Top Chef: freeze ice cream right in front of their eyes. Nitrogen ice cream, as it is commonly called, is a favourite addition to events planned by Sonal J. Shah of Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants. This is how it operates: Using liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze the cream into a Häagen-Dazs-like solid can seem like magic to onlookers. Innovative flavours like RumChata & Fireball or Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir a can be served on the spot by companies like 321Chillz, who provide all the necessary equipment. Good appetite!

Like a Polaroid photo, shake it, shake it, shake it!

Give your guests polaroid cameras as wedding favours and encourage them to take pictures of themselves and each other while you and your spouse enjoy the dance floor. You might have guests take the images home with them as a memento, have them write well wishes on the back, or display the photos on a homemade gallery wall for all to see. The beautiful part about this choice is that the cameras are portable and can roam wherever you want them to during your reception. Grandma doesn't have to leave the party to go find a photo booth; the camera will come to her! Note that, given the existing constraints, props must be disposable, so stock up if you want to use them.


However, not everyone shares the culture's enthusiasm for the dance floor. If you don't want to dance on your wedding day, there are lots of other activities to choose from. You can make your special day as fun and memorable as possible with a little creativity and planning. Imagination is the only thing preventing you from having a wedding without dancing. These days, couples are increasingly surprising their guests at wedding receptions with a wide range of activities and entertainment options.

If you're planning a party for those who have difficulties keeping the rhythm, maybe you might think about coming up with something else that everyone can participate in instead of hiring a DJ. Recreate a scene from your undergraduate days or team up with people you've known in different contexts. Why not celebrate your shared interest in video games by include some of your favourites in your wedding? Leg races and double dutch are great party games that may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Contact your guests early on to see if they are interested in performing a particular song.

We have you covered if you want to do something other than dance during your wedding reception. Turn a routine night at the bar into an exciting event by hosting a live wine or spirit tasting. Find a showman (or woman) who complements the evening's theme, whether they're the main attraction or a backup act. Set up a photo booth so that guests can snap souvenir photos against a stylish background. The photographs are taken by a human photographer rather than a machine. Sonal J. Shah frequently includes nitrogen ice cream, as it is more generally known, in her events. During the wedding reception, Polaroid cameras can be placed anywhere you like because to their portability.

Content Summary

  1. Weddings are for more than just dancing.
  2. There need not be a wedding dance if you don't want there to be.
  3. If you don't want to dance on your wedding day, there are lots of other activities to choose from.
  4. Perhaps you don't care about dancing at all!
  5. If you and your prospective spouse are not comfortable with the idea of dancing at weddings, we have created a list of options for you to consider.
  6. Keep in mind that there is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to wedding entertainment; the activities you select will have to be tailored to the tone and formality of your reception.
  7. If you're planning a party for those who have difficulties keeping the rhythm, maybe you might think about coming up with something else that everyone can participate in instead of hiring a DJ.
  8. The modern wedding reception is more exciting than ever, with couples surprise and delighting their guests with all sorts of games and entertainment.
  9. To get you started planning your wedding reception, we've compiled a list of eleven unique activities, from traditional lawn games and professional performers to signature cocktails, that may be enjoyed by guests of all ages, with or without dancing.
  10. Dances at wedding receptions are optional, and many couples choose not to have them.
  11. You can make the party more accessible to people with mobility issues if you don't force them to dance.
  12. In addition to the wedding itself, the reception also features a number of other events. Besides the fact that they can dance You want your wedding to have a unifying theme that everyone will remember.
  13. If you don't enjoy dancing, you'll have to think outside the box.
  14. Printed game cards are a fantastic way to keep visitors interested throughout a lengthy supper of four or five courses.
  15. The shoe game is a classic way to keep guests entertained at parties.
  16. Your wedding's aesthetic and atmosphere will be profoundly affected by the centrepiece you select.
  17. Play a game where attendees must choose between your aunt and your best friend from college to win the centrepiece, and your DJ will surely keep the party going.
  18. Simply said, enjoy yourself while in the company of those you care about the most.
  19. They've been to weddings in the past when the hosts intentionally pushed attendees to start singing, and the subsequent mayhem was considered comedic gold.
  20. Inquire of guests early on whether they can provide a special song for the wedding by way of singing or performing.
  21. It's crucial to keep your band updated on the details and get their approval before you commit to any extra concerts.
  22. Consider hosting your reception at a bookstore or library instead of a traditional venue, though this option is more appropriate for intimate celebrations or as a supplement to a larger ceremony that features dance.
  23. You should recommend the books that meant the most to you to your guests.
  24. To Play Indoors When the venue doesn't allow for dancing, wedding games are a fun alternative.
  25. Bean bag corn hole can be played anywhere, despite the name.
  26. Your friends and family may be able to help, too.
  27. Find a showman or band who exudes the spirit you want to evoke for the evening, whether they'll be the primary event or an afterthought.
  28. Visit a photo booth for a good time.
  29. Take your guests on a tour of your favourite wineries or distilleries. Turn a routine night at the bar into an exciting event by hosting a live wine or spirit tasting.
  30. Create a Portrait Studio It's amusing to have a photo booth with kooky decorations, but why not take advantage of the occasion and treat your guests to a real picture shoot?
  31. Make ready a photo studio with a stylish backdrop and adequate lighting where guests can have their pictures shot.
  32. The photographs are taken by a human photographer rather than a machine.
  33. Adding a wind machine takes it to an entirely new level, so you "must have one."
  34. Assemble the Chilliest Desserts Here's your opportunity to impress guests like a professional chef. make ice cream freeze before their very eyes.
  35. What happens is this: It may appear like magic to bystanders when you use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze the cream into a solid reminiscent of Häagen-Dazs.
  36. It needs to be shaken like a Polaroid picture.
  37. Guests can have fun taking pictures of themselves and each other with Polaroid cameras that you give them as wedding favours while the happy couple is out on the dance floor.
  38. The beauty of this option is that the cameras may be moved around freely at the reception to capture special moments as they happen.
  39. You can have the camera brought right to Grandma so she doesn't have to leave the celebration to visit a photo booth.

FAQs About Wedding Dance

The dancing portion of the reception will typically begin with the first dance, as this is the custom. Therefore, the first dance is typically saved for after the meal has been finished by the vast majority of couples.

After everyone has finished their meal, you can proceed to the dancing portion of the evening. In this way, the dining portion of the evening can have a more slow and relaxed pace.

The wedding dance, sometimes referred to as the bouquet dance, is another enjoyable custom that is associated with dancing. It is also an alternative to the bouquet toss. All of the married couples in the room are prompted to come out onto the dance floor as a slow, romantic song is played.

Last Dance The couple may decide to end the night with a slower, more emotional song that has a slower tempo, or they may choose an upbeat song that everyone in attendance will be singing along to for the final dance of the evening.

If there is going to be an after-party after the reception, it is recommended to play a more upbeat song so as to set the tone for the celebration that will follow.

You might want to include a dance floor at your wedding in order to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward on the big day.

The addition of a dance floor makes for an inviting environment in which guests can feel at ease letting free to the beat of their favourite song. In addition, you and your new spouse will have the opportunity to celebrate your first dance as a married couple in a beautiful venue.

After the parents dance, the wedding party is invited to take the floor. The best man and maid of honour traditionally dance together first, followed by the rest of the crew.

If the parent dances are taking place after dinner, the couple may opt to skip the wedding party dance all together, simply inviting all guests to the dance floor.

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