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Wedding Gift ideas

When a friend or family member is getting married, it’s hard to pick the perfect gift. You know the couple is going to receive a varied array of things, so how do you choose something that will be functional for their future but also stand out from the crowd and provide that personal touch? A lot of the time it depends on the people, what they are after and their personal tastes.

Some couples have a goal in mind and will provide direction on gifts. Perhaps they are saving for a holiday or house and so will set up a wishing well for cash gifts. Perhaps they have picked out items for their new home and so set up a gift registry. See below some ideas and pros and cons to each of the options to help you decide.

The cash gift 

Sometimes this can be the easiest gift idea, and the most practical. Some couples will be saving up for something specific and so opt to tell their guests that they would appreciate money over a material gift. Perhaps they want to buy their first new home or have dreams to travel, and so will mention they have a wishing well for any cash gift contributions. It can, however, be a tricky thing to figure out what amount of money you should give as a gift. Most of the time this will be determined by your relationship with the couple and the closer you are with them the more you may like to provide.

The Gift registry 

Some couples set up a gift registry to guide guests on gifts they have already marked out and would like to receive. This can be helpful when choosing a material gift as you will have direction and know you are purchasing something the couple genuinely want and need! A gift registry will normally have a range of different tiered gifts so you have variety when determining how much you would like to spend and this can be a bonus.

Personalised gift ideas 

If you are thinking you would like to give a more personalised gift, there are a few things you can do. For example, getting a special item monogrammed with their new family name or initials can be a nice touch and tribute to their new life and identity as a couple. If you are close with the couple, perhaps you know they have a certain interest. If they are into art, perhaps a nice art piece would be a good option. If you know they are wanting to travel, you could invest in monogrammed leather luggage or passport holders.

Get creative and keep ideas specific to the couple’s personalities, keeping their hobbies, lifestyle and interests in mind and you are sure to find something they will love!

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