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How to choose a wedding theme?

Rustic, nautical, white wedding; you must have run into more than a few beach wedding themes while browsing for inspirations or attending weddings, but have you thought about what goes behind each theme? We think that a wedding theme should be about more than mere looks or trends. Above all else, a wedding theme should reflect your true personality as a couple. Aside from that, a wedding theme should be able to pull every wedding element, from the venue to the tiniest details, together in harmony.

If you haven't decided on a wedding theme yet, take some time to close your eyes and envision your wedding day. What does it look like? How do your guests feel as they walk in? What kind of impression are you trying to convey to your guests? To help you imagine your dream wedding even further, try asking these questions to yourself and your partner.

Before you dive too deeply into wedding planning, you'll need to settle on your wedding theme. This is the overall style of your big day, so you'll want to have it locked down prior to mapping out the details. Schedule a meeting with your S.O. And your wedding planner (if you've hired one) to figure out exactly what you're looking for - there's a big difference between rustic-chic and ultramodern. Remember to keep all your vendors clued in on this as well, so that they can help you find the perfect wedding decorations, dresses and florals for your big day.

Now, many of us don't want a theme in the traditional sense. For example, if your wedding is during the winter season, yes, you may have a winter wedding, but you don't need it to look like the North Pole (unless you want it to, of course!) But you do need an idea of what you want your wedding to look like. Trust us, picking a theme will help you make a lot of difficult choices since everything from your wedding starts with your theme. From invitations, drink selection, decorations - it's all based on the theme of your wedding, and when it all ties together, the guests will feel like they are coming along for a ride and that your wedding is one to remember. Here's how you can get there:

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Where will your wedding be?

Where you choose to have your wedding will greatly contribute to the theme of it. You're not going to have a tropical-themed wedding in a Catholic church. Or a country themed wedding on the beach. See what we mean? Choosing the location of the wedding will help you get the taste of how your wedding is going to look and feel. So pick a venue based on what your heart wants, and go from there. Whether you have your wedding at a vineyard, at the beach or in a traditional church, it'll help set the atmosphere.

How do you and your partner feel?

There's no point having a winter wonderland themed wedding if your partner hates the cold. Or a beach themed wedding if you're not a fan of sand. Do you see where we're going with this? You and your partner need to look within at your preferences and your relationship when figuring out a wedding theme ideas. Try to write down words that you feel define you as a couple. Maybe you two are big travellers or both love tranquil environments. You now have a better idea of what you are both looking for in terms of a venue and theme.

Here are a few tips on finding your wedding theme.

Consider your venue

If you've already chosen your wedding venue, use it as your jumping-off point. Each spot has its unique style, and you'll want to compliment that, not clash with it. Take notes on everything from space's colour palette to its overall vibe to help you pinpoint your wedding theme. Is it an industrial-chic loft wedding venue in Toronto? Perhaps you should stock up on trendy copper tableware and ask your bartender to mix up Moscow mules. Or maybe it's a cozy mountain resort outside of Vancouver? Try and find some homey decor accessories to give it even more charm.

Think about the season

At this point, you've probably set your wedding date in stone, so you should have a few clues about the weather. Snowier seasons typically call for a jewel-toned colour scheme, dresses with a few extra layers (or the addition of a cute stole or shawl) and wintery blooms. If you're headed for a summer wedding, you can take advantage of pastel palettes, strapless gowns and a wider array of flowers. Of course, you can always fight the status quo and do your own thing, but thinking about the season may point you toward an interesting wedding theme that you never considered.

Look at your personal style

Sure, looking through Pinterest pays off, but you don't have to stray too far from home to figure out what you like and what you don't. Head into your closet and take out a few of your favourite items. Would you describe them as laidback staples or chic Coco Chanel-worthy pieces? If you err on the more casual side, you may want to skip a grand ballroom affair and go for something more relaxed and intimate, like a small wedding at a local brewery. If you're on the other end of the spectrum, why not go all out with a black-tie affair?

Start at home

Speaking of home, you should also look at how you've outfitted your crib. Chances are if you've peppered your house with a certain style of decor, you love it. Take photos of a few of your favourite housewares and see what they all have in common. If you need help putting the puzzle together, you can always ask your wedding planner for a helping hand (that's what they're there for!).

Pick a few must-have pieces

If you've already settled on a few of your wedding's accents, use those to steer you in the right direction. Maybe you've gone ahead and ordered your dream lacy boho dress, and you can't stop lusting after that naked wedding cake at your local bakery? It looks like a trendy rustic wedding theme may be in your future. Or, maybe you can't quit Googling Kim and Kanye's flower wall and lusting after Balmain gowns? A glam Kardashian-Esque wedding is probably in the cards for you.

When will your wedding take place?

Are you having a summer, autumn, winter or spring wedding? It may not seem relevant, but this is a very important consideration.

For example, if you are having a winter wedding, you can be to plan a theme that will suit a cold winter's day. For example, a wedding colour palette which features dark, dramatic tones such as emerald green or deep burgundy, is ideal for winter weddings.

Additionally, a winter wedding can be a theme in itself, or, you could have a classic, glamorous wedding theme.

In contrast, a summer wedding beckons a beachy wedding theme, and, a spring wedding is perfectly paired with pastel colours, bright bouquet featuring berries and garden settings.

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Where will your wedding be held?

Think about your venue – and then consider what colours will suit it. If you're holding your wedding reception in a low-light venue such as a night club, do you want your wedding colours to be black and white? Nobody will be able to see any detail.

Instead, use your wedding venue as a springboard for inspiration. Is it on the beach? If so, a beach-themed wedding with blue, white and silver hues would be a perfect choice.

Will you marry in a garden? Or perhaps a rainforest? Use the surroundings of your venue to inspire your wedding theme, and consider what natural elements work as a good foundation for your wedding styling.

What sort of mood are you going for?

This is a very important factor to consider. Are you and your partner quite laid back? If so, a laid back and relaxed vibe would be very suited to your personalities. Additionally, wedding themes such as bohemian or beachy often lend themselves to a very relaxed, natural vibe. See how you can start to paint a picture?

In complete contrast, perhaps you want a glamorous, party vibe for your wedding day? With lots of food, music, flowers, lights and dancing? A contemporary, glam wedding theme might be a perfect fit or even an Art Deco theme with glamorous styling reminiscent of The Great Gatsby?

Consider what mood you wish to portray through your theme and how you envision you and your guests celebrating.

What is your favourite colour?

Choosing a wedding theme colour will help you to choose an overall wedding theme.

Think about some of your favourite colours and what styles of weddings they are typically used in. For example, white, gold, silver and black are classic colours that are often used in traditional and luxe weddings.

Similarly, colours like navy blue and silver are often used in elegant contemporary style weddings.

Every primary colour and combination can be reworked and used in various shades, so if you've dreamed of a purple-themed wedding but can't make violet work, you could always opt for a pastel shade of lavender.

Create a mood board

Another great way to hone in what kind of wedding theme you want is by creating a mood board of images that you like. You can find images on Pinterest, Instagram or even the Easy Weddings' inspiration boards.

Once you've collated a bunch of images that you like, print them all out and pin them to a large piece of cardboard, (or, if you're a Photoshop procreate a digital mood board.) Seeing all the images together will help you to decipher what kind of styles and colours you naturally lean towards.

You may notice that most of the photos you like incorporate gold or silver, or, maybe, all the photos you like cohesively portray a certain vibe or style.

What is your dress like?

Many people do this the other way around – they choose a wedding theme and location, then they choose a dress to match. But, if you're the opposite in this scenario, then use the style of your dress to choose your ultimate wedding theme.

If you've picked your dress already, or, you know what style of dress you are looking for, consider the elements and aesthetic of the dress. Is it delicate and whimsical? (Perfect for a luxe bohemian wedding.) Or is it modern and minimalist, with clean lines and edges? Or, perhaps it's a full princess ballgown with plenty of lace and embellishment?

Use the style of your dress to guide you when choosing your wedding theme.

Let the Season Inspire You

The time of year may not seem relevant to the theme, but it is an important consideration to take into account. For instance, a beach-themed wedding might not hold to form if there is snow on the ground. Similarly, a black-tie affair might lose its charm during those sweaty summer months, especially if it is held outdoors.

Thinking about when your wedding will take place can also help you craft a theme. The season can even act as a theme itself. Look at seasonal details to find additional inspiration.

You can make an Autumn wedding pop by incorporating deep burgundy tones and Fall foliage into your decor. Winter weddings can be an excellent backdrop for bright whites and glitter. Deep emeralds and reds can add a holiday vibe to the event. Summer weddings beckon beachy or nautical themes while spring weddings can be a play on pastels and vibrant blooms.

Think About the Dress Code

Do you have a specific dress code in mind for your wedding? The vibe you want to feel throughout the day can be affected by how well it plays into the theme of the wedding.

Asking guests to dress for a formal or black-tie event will create a certain upscale and classy atmosphere. Consider how different themes will play into that dress code. Your photos may end up looking a bit funny if you plan a DIY, rustic wedding with a black-tie dress code.

Similarly, suppose you are planning a glamorous princess or an old Hollywood themed wedding. In that case, a casual or semi-formal dress code might make guests feel underdressed compared to the aesthetic of the event.

When deciding on a dress code, think about how you are as a couple. Are you laid-back or are you always on-trend, dressed to the nines? Look at your style collectively and use that to choose a theme that is best suited to both of your personalities.

Go Personal Versus Trendy

When it comes to your wedding, there is so much inspiration and content out there that it can be easy to get confused or caught up in the trendiness of it all. Adding personal touches to your wedding will make it a reflection of you instead of a generic Pinterest-fest.

Try to find ways to incorporate you and your partner's genuine interests in the theme. If you have an affinity for the 1920s or another decade, add touches from those decades to the decor in subtle ways. Does your spouse to be love sports? Add trophy-inspired centrepieces to the tables for a touch of their interests as well. You don't need to go overboard with the details, but adding small things that remind you of each other will make the day more memorable.

Another way to incorporate your personality into the wedding is to pay tribute to your family or culture. Allow yourself to combine traditional aspects of your heritage with a modern twist. The mixture will be unique to you as a couple, and your family will love the homage to their roots.

For the Boston-obsessed couple, check out these Boston-inspired theme ideas to add touches of your favourite city to the event.

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When in Doubt, Ask for Help

If event planning isn't your thing, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're having a hard time determining a look and feel for your wedding, ask your family or bridal party how they pictured it or how they see your style. They may know your personality well enough to help you develop a vision of what your wedding could look like.

Of course, you may not want them to take the reins and plan the whole wedding, but using their thoughts as inspiration can help you get a clearer picture of your vision for the day. If you have very creative friends or family, that's an even bigger bonus. They'll be able to be very descriptive and might help you articulate your style if you are having a hard time putting a name on it.

Also, remember that you always have the option to hire a wedding planner to take care of these details for you. Wedding planners will have many ideas and tricks up their sleeves to make the day unique to you. It's their job to get to know the type of feel you want your wedding to have. They will be able to show you specific examples and help you draw inspiration based on what is realistic for you and your partner.

The good news is, you don't have to stress out about being creative when there are professionals whose job it is to make your day feel perfect.

Do What Makes You Both Happy

Remember that this day is all about expressing your love and celebrating your future as a couple. All of the details that go into the planning might feel like a big deal early on, but as long as you are staying true to yourself and making choices that make you happy, your day will be unforgettable no matter what.

Remember to consult with your partner about the different decisions you need to make so that they can be a part of the planning process. You want the day to be an accurate reflection of the both of you.

The best wedding planning advice is don't be afraid of what other people will think. You want to look back on the day and feel fantastic about the time you had, the place you were, and the love you were surrounded by.

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