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The Palais Theatre Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

Best Wedding Photo Location The Palais Theatre

In the heart of beach side suburb St Kilda — on the Lower Esplanade — stands the historic Palais Theatre. We at Vogue Ballroom consider this venue an elegant choice for wedding day photography. The authentic Art Deco styling, classic lines and subtle colour palate, provide a striking backdrop for the bridal party and newly weds.

The Palais Theatre dates back to 1922, the year that Architect Walter Burley Griffin first laid plans for the venue. The project came about as a way of remodeling the Palais Pictures (as it was then known). After a series of obstacles (including a fire!) delayed construction significantly, in 1926 a new designer: Henry E. White, was commissioned to complete the building. White’s vision resulted in a much grander theatre than was originally developed — a blessing in disguise. The Palais opened in November 1927, where it initially served as a venue for cinema screenings. Over the next few decades more and more performances were held at the Palais — beginning with the first musicals in 1962–  and today it is known exclusively for live concerts.

The Palais Theatre is currently the largest theatre in Australia seating an impressive 2896 patrons. The building, which retains many of its original period features, is considered one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Australia. Its place in Melbourne’s heart and on the Victorian Heritage Register, is well deserved.

The theatre’s proximity to an array of other landmarks and wedding venues such as: St Kilda Pier, Elwood Beach, Circa the Prince and St Mary’s Catholic Church render it both a beautiful and convenient destination for wedding day photography. For a wedding album abundant with diverse backdrops and unique styles and tones, a visit to the Palais Theatre on your special day should be high on your list!

Have a look at Serendipity’s new post on Melbourne’s art and architecture, or our recent addition: urban drama, for more inspiration.

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