Bridal Makeup Ideas

Which type of bridal makeup is best?

Wedding makeup can be tricky—after so many years of being your makeup artist, you know what you like and what works best. But for your wedding day you might want to try on a new look that complements your bridal style, and if that’s the case, where do you even start? 

There are a few ways you can jump-start a bridal beauty routine, but one of the best ways to figure out what you like (and what you don’t like) for your day-of look is to gather inspiration in the form of photos to show your beauty pro. You might also want to ask for your stylist’s recommendations too. They’re a pro for a reason! 

The art of makeup has been reinvented and seen as an enhancer rather than something that hides. Different types of makeup looks work towards achieving the same goal- enhancing the natural features and beauty of a person. Contrary to popular belief, makeup is not something that conceals and changes how a person looks; in fact, different types of makeup looks are used to highlight and accentuate the real beauty of a person.

With a shift in how women across the globe have made makeup a part of their everyday necessities, the cosmetic industry has seen an all-time boom. New brands are coming out every day, promising better results and making girls spoilt for choice. Many different cosmetics work together to create the perfect makeup look. But it’s not just the cosmetics but also the style and technique that matters. You can be using the same products but different techniques to showcase different types of makeup looks. Also, learning some makeup hacks will help too. Now, this may be confusing for us, but a makeup artist can create several types of makeup looks, depending on what you need, what results in you want to achieve, the occasion and even the kind of skin type and personality you have.

Whoa! Who knew makeup came in so many different shades within all the shades? Let’s understand what these different types of makeup looks are and what makes them each unique.

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Traditional Bridal Makeup

Traditional makeup is what you are probably already using. It refers to the use of liquid, cream, or powdered foundations that are applied with a brush, sponge or fingers. It is also the most versatile of all the makeup types. From providing sheer coverage to targeting specific skin problems, traditional makeup can be universally used. It is probably the only makeup that, if rightly chosen, can be used in any situation at any given time. A brush is used to blend thicker layers, whereas fingertips may be enough for light applications.


Traditional makeup comes in the widest variety with every shade and form (liquid, powder, stick) available. However, the true effect of traditional makeup depends on the skills of the makeup artist and her product knowledge. An experienced bridal makeup artist can achieve an airbrushed look even by using a traditional foundation. If you have found the right formula, then it can do wonders for your look. It is a good option for brides with dry skin as the oils in the cream-based foundation lend the skin the necessary hydration. For brides with oily skin, it is better to use a liquid,oil-free foundation or a pressed powder. Traditional South Indian bridal makeup packages are much cheaper than the other packages.


The products used for regular makeup are thick in consistency, so it often feels thicker and often greasy after a few hours. This can cause the pores to block and result in breakouts, especially for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. If the makeup artist is not skilled enough, the results may appear cakey. It is also comparatively less resilient to sweat, tears and other moisture.

HD Bridal Makeup

With the use of ultra-high definition cameras wedding photography, it became necessary to upgrade the makeup to match the precision and clarity of these devices. And we don’t exactly love the fine lines, moles and scars popping up in the HD images. An HD makeup technique enables you to look perfect even when HD cameras are focused on you. While the regular finish makeup can look mask-like or heavy, ultra HD foundations mimic the look of skin.


HD makeup can help to even the skin tone and texture, even with minimal product. Similarly, it is suitable for all skin type as the fine particles blend perfectly into the skin and give a flawless look. Some of them come in a matte finish, and you can avoid unwanted shine of oily skin. The makeup does not require special equipment, and amazing results can be achieved with a brush. Furthermore, it leaves minimal residues and has the potential to cover the most stubborn marks. When compared with the airbrush technique, it is cheaper.


When compared with traditional makeup, it is expensive. It is less water-resistant than airbrush makeup. It can also look heavy if not done properly.

How to do HD Makeup?

Unlike Airbrush technique, HD Makeup is done the traditional way, i.e. with brushes and blending sponges. HD makeup is done using the high-end HD products which are designed in a specific way that they scatter light on the skin, making it look softer and prettier. These products are a little expensive than traditional makeup products. These products are lighter in texture, spread smoother, blend seamlessly and offer a more skin-like finish. As mentioned above, the HD makeup products are made with the use of light-scattering and light-reflective particles. These particles help to diffuse the focus from your flaws.

But the HD Products are not enough to achieve a stunning bridal makeup. The manual skill of the MUA is of utmost importance as well. If your makeup artist piles on a heavy amount or doesn’t blend well, you are least likely to get a natural-looking flawless look despite using HD makeup products.

Also, HD Makeup is suitable for all skin type as the fine particles blend perfectly into the skin and give an even and flawless look. But as they say, everything has its own set of pros and cons, HD Makeup stays behind when it comes to longevity. It doesn’t last as long as Airbrush makeup does.

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How is HD Makeup better than Airbrush Makeup?

First things first, HD makeup was innovated to make skin look perfect on screen. Hence, as a bride, HD Makeup can be a great choice as you are under the constant glare of the cameras. Airbrush makeup is mostly suggested for oily skin, whereas HD Makeup is suitable for all skin types. Cakey makeup is a big no from the bride’s nowadays. The HD makeup gives a soft focus to the face and makes it appear natural and less layered. Further, chances of airbrush makeup looking artificial are higher than that of HD makeup. HD Makeup is a better option when you want a non-dramatic and rather natural-looking skin base.

But in the end, and most importantly, it is the expertise of the makeup artist that matters the most.

Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Recently, airbrush makeup has become extremely popular among the cosmopolitan brides. This is mainly due to the fact that it gives a flawless finish and perfect complexion. It is a light-weight makeup applied using an air gun machine instead of other common applicators like a brush or sponge. And the result is a thin, even layer of makeup with an absolute matte finish. It can be used to achieve both thin or heavy finish depending on the application. Airbrush specific makeup products are available. However, you can also use your favourite foundation by mixing it with makeup thinner.

A small amount of makeup is put inside the gun chamber, and when the trigger is pulled, it sprays a fine mist of even makeup on the face. Usually, very little quantity is enough to achieve the desired coverage. However, you can go for full coverage. No doubt airbrush technique is expensive, but the glamorous bridal look that it can produce makes every penny spent worth it.


A striking feature of this type of makeup is that it is non-transferable. As a result, slight dry rubbing or brushing will not cause the makeup to wear off. So brides prefer airbrush makeup as the last thing they want is worrying about the makeup. Similarly, it can also be used to camouflage any unwanted skin discolouration. Airbrush makeup is a saviour for brides with oily skin as the silicone-based makeup stays all day long.


However, one of the cons is that it is not fully waterproof. Though mostly it stays intact, wetting due to excessive sweating or crying can cause awful streaks on the foundation. Some types of airbrush makeup are more likely to streak than others. Likewise, it is irreversible as there is nothing that can be done to blend a streak on an airbrush finish. Even airbrushing over the area will not blend the streak.

In comparison, regular finish makeup gives more scope to make changes or corrections. Brides with dry skin have to be cautious while using it as it may give them a flaky look. So it is important to choose a skilled makeup artist and preferably do a bridal makeup trial.

How to do Airbrush Makeup?

As the name itself suggests, this kind of makeup is done using a special makeup tool called airbrush or airgun. It doesn’t involve prolonged blending with brushes or sponges. The foundation or other makeup products are poured on the chamber of airgun, which is then sprayed on the bride’s face. When the trigger is pressed, a mist of the product covers the face giving a perfectly blended and flawless look.

Airbrush is sprayed slowly over the face, which makes it appear lighter than the traditional makeup. But if your makeup artist has the tendency to apply heavy foundation, then it will heavier even with the airbrush technique. Let your MUA know your preference.  

Another thing that you must know is that the Airbrush Makeup products contain silicon that fills up the pores and fine lines. But it does it to an extent. Airbrush makeup is unable to cover the blemishes completely, and sometimes the blemish appears behind the makeup. A professional is needed to fix the flaw manually. These products are mostly hypoallergenic, which means they work great for sensitive skin types.

How is Airbrush Makeup better than HD Makeup?

Airbrush Makeup offers several advantages! The first one being that it is a quick process. It gives you an incandescent appearance which not only looks great on the camera but to the naked eyes well. The Airbrush Makeup doesn’t run off until removed with a strong makeup cleanser. It is a common myth that Airbrush Makeup looks heavy and cakey. But it is not true at all. It all depends on your makeup artist and her finesse.

Further, airbrush makeup is a saviour for the brides with oily skin as the silicone-based makeup stays all day long.

Mineral Makeup

Though mineral makeup has been available for quite some time, it is only recently that they have gained demand. It’s largely due to the demand for natural products that use as little artificial ingredients as possible. Mineral cosmetics consists of different minerals like iron, zinc, and titanium that are oxidised to create different shades. The micronised minerals are then crushed to a fine powder that can be applied as makeup to the face. These products do not contain any oil or wax additives and filters like chemical dyes, binders, preservatives etc. The makeup is usually applied with a brush or with a sponge for thicker and more precise applications. A small quantity of product applied in sheer layers until the desired coverage is achieved.


Depending on the skin type, the microparticles in mineral makeup can produce a more natural, flawless-looking skin. Also, as against the common myth, mineral makeup is buildable for full coverage. The light formulation is easy on the skin and can prevent redness or breakout. Brides with acne-prone or sensitive skin, benefit from its light chemical free composition. Unlike regular makeup, it is highly resistant and sinks well with the fine facial line to create a soft-focus effect.

Additionally, the natural ingredients do not encourage bacterial growth and hence prevents the risk of contamination. Furthermore, it has a long shelf life as compared to non-mineral based products. Not to mention the fact, it creates a feeling of good health, both on the inside and out.


Mineral makeup has limited colour options as it does not contain artificial dyes. This can especially be a problem for darker skins tones as a perfect colour match will better suit them. Similarly, it is known to create a powdery finish, and if your bridal look demands otherwise, then this makeup may not be the one for you. Some minerals can irritate.

Both HD Makeup and Airbrush Makeup have their own sets of pros and cons! Both these raging techniques cost more than the traditional bridal makeup. But the results that they lend prove that the splurge is worth it. However, both HD and Airbrush Makeup depend largely on the finesse of the MUA. Before finalising the Makeup Artist for your wedding, understand her expertise and ensure that it aligns with what you desire. We conclude this blog with the following key takeaways that will help you choose between the Airbrush and HD Makeup.

DIY Wedding Makeup Tips

Start With Skincare

The easiest way to have a killer wedding day makeup is to start with a great canvas. Invest some time into caring for your skin by following this advice:

  • Start early (as in months before the big day) to ensure that any new phases your skin might go through are over by the wedding.
  • Begin by making an appointment with a dermatologist or aesthetician for an initial consultation about your skin’s needs.
  • Establish a skincare routine and stick to it.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t wake up with radiant skin overnight.

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Invest in Primer

For a foundation that won’t smudge throughout the happy tears, kisses, and hugs, it’s essential to prime your skin first. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Apply primer before your foundation.
  • Primer ensures that your makeup stays where you put it by setting into your skin, rather than sitting on top of it like a mask.
  • There are tons of different primer types that provide different benefits, such as colour balancing, oil control, and wrinkle-smoothing.
  • Experiment with different primers to find one that works best for your skin type.

Use a Setting Spray

Another magic weapon to have in your makeup arsenal is setting spray. Simply spritz all over your face once your makeup is done to set your look for the entirety of the wedding day.

Don’t Neglect Your Brows

A very wise person once advised to “never estimate the power of an eyebrow.” It’s true. The shape of your brows really can transform your face for better or worse. Follow these steps for great brows:

  • Team up with a professional at your local waxing salon or the brow counter at your favourite beauty retailer. They’ll be able to guide you on the shape, thickness, and colour of the brow that works best for your face shape and personal style.
  • Think about your beauty look. Do you like big, bold brows? Or more natural-looking arches?
  • Choose which grooming option you like best. There are several options for getting your brows into shapes, such as waxing, sugaring, plucking, tinting, and microblading.
  • Start before the wedding day to avoid any problems, such as redness, allergic reactions, or not liking the way they look.

Embrace Concealer

Dark circles under your eyes after a night pre-wedding jitters? A surprise pimple the morning of the wedding day? Distressed bride, meet concealer. Here are some things to know about concealer:

  • This products is like foundation but is thicker, pigmented differently, and applied in strategic spots rather than all over.
  • Use concealer to cover up any blemishes or discolouration issues that regular foundation will have trouble hiding.
  • Concealer is applied after primer but before foundation.
  • For best results, your concealer should be no more than one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Choose a concealer that complements your skin type and is suited for your problem areas.

Skip Foundation With SPF

Speaking of foundation, let’s chat about the phenomenon known as “flashback.”

  • What is a flashback? Flashback is white, chalky discolouration on someone’s skin that appears only in photographs (not in real life) due to light-reflecting makeup particles.
  • Who does it happen to? The skin of all shades is susceptible.
  • What causes it? Light-reflecting ingredients cause flashback in your makeup, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (the main ingredients in sunscreen) bouncing the light from flash photography.
  • How to avoid it? When choosing your wedding makeup, make sure that your foundation, concealer, and moisturiser are SPF-free.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

Even if you’re not prone to tears, it’s always a good practice to opt for a waterproof mascara for big events, as they say, better safe than raccoon eyes.

Avoid (Too Much) Sparkle

While some well-placed shimmer can be lovely, too much sparkle can make you look more like a disco ball than a blushing bride. We suggest using highlighting products in these key spots:

  • On the bridge of your nose
  • Along your cheekbones
  • On your Cupid’s bow (the dip at the top of your lips)
  • Below your bottom lip
  • Across your brow arches

Choose a Long-lasting Lip Product

The idea of reapplying lipstick or gloss all day long isn’t appealing to anyone, so make sure to choose a lip colour that’s long-lasting and non-transferring, like a liquid lip or stain. This way, you can eat, drink, and kiss merrily without having to worry about what’s going on with your lipstick.

Give It a Trial Run (or Two)

You know the mantra: practice makes perfect. The same goes for your DIY wedding makeup. Here’s how to make sure your makeup is perfect on the wedding day:

  • Give it one or two test runs.
  • Time how long it takes to your do your makeup.
  • Pay attention to how the products you’ve chosen stand up to 8+ hours on your face.
  • Make adjustments as needed based on how your trials go.
  • Don’t forget to snap a few pictures to see how it looks on camera.

Consider Wearing More Than You Typically Would

Camera-ready makeup should be heavier and more dramatic than your everyday look. So while minimal or natural makeup may be more your style, makeup that’s too light-handed can lead to looking washed out and tired in your wedding photos. You don’t have to go crazy—just take it up a few notches from your normal regimen.

There are tons of tips and tricks for marvellous wedding makeup, but the most important advice we can give is to be true to yourself. Makeup is there to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel your best. Rock the look that feels the most authentic to your style — it’s confidence in your skin and the joy you exude on your wedding day that will make you look you’re most beautiful!

Bridal Makeup Ideas
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