7 Tips to Be Stress-Free Before Your Wedding Day

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the pre-wedding preparations? You’re not alone. It’s fair to say that almost every couple who are planning their wedding will become stressed out at some point in time. It’s common to feel this way because life doesn’t stop when you’re engaged – meaning that you still have to complete your every day commitments, as well as planning one of the most important events in your lifetime. To help reduce your stress-levels, we have put together some handy tips to assist you on taking some stress-free measures before your special day.

1. Don’t Stress About Table Arrangements 

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Breathe, just breathe! Table arrangements seem to be one of the most stressful processes for both brides and grooms. In an ideal world, it would be great if people could sit next to every one they wanted to. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Couples will do their best to have families, friends and associated groups together. The problem is though, in almost every circumstance there will always be oddities in guest numbers, meaning that your guests will sometimes have to be mixed and matched with other guests to make up appropriate table numbers. The best advice that we can give is – you can’t please everyone. A wedding day is meant to be the celebration of your love as a couple and your guests should acknowledge this. It’s important to not sweat the small stuff and explain to your family and friends that you have taken their feedback on board and that you can’t promise anything due to several circumstances. That way, you can enjoy this process in a stress-free manner.

2. Ask Your Venue For Guidance 

Here, at Vogue Ballroom we can proudly say that we attend to all of our bride and groom’s enquiries on a daily basis. We are happy that our couples feel that they can ring and ask us for advice on all things wedding-related. We prefer couples to ring us beforehand to ensure that everything does run smoothly on the night. If couples need assistance with suppliers, order of events, rehearsals or anything else, we are more than happy to answer any questions.

3. Invest in You 

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If you haven’t upped your yoga, pilates or gym routine before your wedding then it’s best you get onto it. Revitalising the mind and soul during this manic time is essential. If you are someone that needs motivation – hire a personal trainer in these areas, and if you’re limited on funds, then watch some free You Tube videos to keep the motivation levels afloat.

4. Take Time Off Work Prior to Your Wedding

It may seem like this one is fairly obvious, but we are finding that a lot of brides and grooms choose to work right up until the lead-up to their wedding day (sometimes even on the day before). We don’t advise this because it’s such a stressful time and so many things need to be done. It’s true that most couples save their annual leave for their honeymoon, but to ensure that you’re well-rested and prepared for the big day, it’s best to be available at least one-week prior to the wedding to ensure that the day is smooth-sailing.

5. It’s Okay to Delegate 

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Some brides feel that they can’t delegate too much because they’re scared of upsetting people and potentially becoming a Bridezilla. Whilst it’s important to not over-exaggerate on things, it’s equally as important to ask your bridal party and family for help in areas that are stressing you out. For example, if you have to put wedding favours together, make a day of it! Invite your bridal party and family over and assign them a task. Entertain them with some music, food and sparkling!

6. Nerves are Normal

Pre-wedding jitters are beyond normal, so don’t worry. It’s best to speak to your family and friends who have planned a wedding and discuss with them how you’re feeling. Having a support network during this time is essential, and you’ll be a more relaxed bride for the day.

7. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Yes, it’s true – it can be so much fun to plan your wedding. You meet a whole network of wedding suppliers, you build stronger friendships with your family and friends, and most of all it’s the first time you’re planning one of the biggest life-events with your future spouse to be! It’s truly a once in a lifetime event, so we advise to relax, breathe and most of all – don’t forget to smile! It truly is such a joyful time, so being happy is the key.

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