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Top 10 Wedding Florists in Melbourne, Victoria

Wedding Florists in Melbourne, Victoria. Here are 10!
Flowers never go out of style when it comes to weddings because a touch of stunning arrangements can make the whole venue look astonishing. If you are among the couples who choose to decorate their big day with flowers, finding the right florists could be an integral part of your wedding plans. Good thing is that we already made a compilation of top 10 florists (according to Easy Weddings customer reviews) located in Melbourne that you can check to start planning for your wedding decoration.
LilyPad Flowers & Events

Going in the first place is LillyPad Flowers & Events with 81 five-star customer reviews that continue to grow. It is one of the most preferred and well-known florists in Melbourne providing floral arrangements from the ceremony venue to the reception. Their flowers come from local and international suppliers so you can be sure that they […]

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10 Unique Melbourne Celebrants That Will Impress You

Looking for a Wedding Celebrant in Melbourne? Here are 10!
The wedding is one of the most remarkable events in anyone’s life that will be forever cherished. Aside from choosing the right venue, making a list of guests and checking on the menu, finding a celebrant that can make the ceremony more special is also a key to having the best wedding ever. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of 10 celebrants in Melbourne that can give you a hand on your wedding day.
Julia’s Celebrant Agency

A beautiful and happy lady, Julia loves to dance, attend dinner parties and of course have a taste of delicious doughnuts. She has more than 700 weddings on her list, a celebrant in Melbourne that seems to like making wedding official as well.

Julia’s recent client, Ai said that “Jessie shines brightly with wonderful energy and was able to deliver our story in […]

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20 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

20 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception – Okay, they’re not really secrets—just awesome ideas we encourage you to steal.

While your wedding ceremony is both special and crucial (it’s when you’ll actually get married!), the reception is probably what you and your guests are most looking forward to—who doesn’t want to eat, drink and dance? The best celebrations incorporate personal, fun and unique touches to keep guests smiling and talking about it long after the last dance. Get inpsired by our favorite reception ideas, from simple planning tricks to wow-worthy entertainment below.

 Arrange Seating Thoughtfully

photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography

It sounds obvious, but don’t discount the importance of a solid seating arrangement. Place guests with people they’ll know and get along with. It might seem like a great idea to play matchmaker, or force your guests to sit with strangers to make new friends—but at the end of the day, they’re there for you, and to catch up with their own farflung […]

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Traditional Wedding Vows From Various Religions

Whether or not you’re going to stick with tradition, the meaning behind these classic religious vows are romantic and a great starting point for writing your own or altering them to suit you.

Each religious faith has wedding traditions and practices—including standard wedding vows—that have been passed down through generations. Exact phrases vary slightly from place to place and among different clergy, so ask your officiant to tell you what they prefer.
Protestant Wedding Vows
There are many different types of Protestant churches, all with their own slightly different traditions and beliefs. Below are typical vows from various denominations, but you’ll find many of them differ only slightly from one another.
Basic Protestant Vows

“I, ___, take thee, ___, to be my wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, […]

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Beautiful Wedding Vows From Couples

11 Incredibly Beautiful Vows From Couples on Their Wedding Day
There’s something indescribably sweet about handwritten vows—whether they’re heartfelt and hilarious or profound and poetic. A couple describing the depths of their love to each other just gets us every time. So whether you need inspiration writing your own or you’re just in the mood for a good cry, find our favorites below.

1. “Love is a word that is much too soft and used far too often to ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion that I have in my heart for you.”
“I want so badly to be able to explain all the love I have for you. Not the love of butterflies and stomach knots—but more the blurring of self and the entanglement with another soul. Love is a word that is much too soft and used far too often to ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion […]

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20 Most Popular Honeymoon Ideas in 2018 from Australia

Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations Roundup by Vogue Ballroom
Picking the perfect honeymoon spot can begin to appear as overwhelming as planning your wedding– it feels like the more you look, the harder it is to choose. (But, let’s be real, it’s an entirely great problem to have in the plan of things.) You have numerous methods to limit all those choices, depending on when you’re taking a trip and what your concerns are.

Similar to your wedding day at Vogue Ballroom, excellent weather condition and ideal sightseeing opportunities go together during a location’s high season– which likewise means high space rates and more crowds (so reserve early!). Throughout its low season, seasonal organizations– restaurants, destinations and island ferries, for example– will typically close down or close for renovations. And once you understand when you’re going, you can begin crossing off areas in the middle of their hurricane or rainy seasons, or their […]

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4 Things Not To Do After Buying Your Dress

Whether you’ve tried on one or one hundred, selecting the wedding dress of your dreams is a big milestone. 

Now that you’ve purchased your dream wedding dress, you should have felt huge pressure lifted off your shoulders.  But your work isn’t over once you’ve picked out your gown. So what should you not do after buying your wedding dress?
Popular Wedding Dress Trends in 2018
Below are 4 things you should avoid to ensure you don’t suffer from wedding dress regret.
Do not… Go too hard on the diet after buying your wedding dress
Your spouse to be loves you for you! Not a skinnier, fatter, taller or shorter version.  

Many brides want to lose a few pounds before their wedding day, but it’s important to do so in a healthy and not overly drastic way. Don’t try to lose a bunch of weight on a ridiculous diet that will probably give you mood swings during an already […]

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Popular Wedding Dress Trends 2018 & Bridal Gowns

See exactly what wedding dresses are popular 3 months into 2018!
Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week has passed, and the dresses are spectacular. Our fashion team struck the ground running to bring you the current patterns straight from the runways. From the quite pink dress to regal capes and slinky slip dresses, we’ve got all the hottest bridal gown patterns you have to understand.

Spring 2018 bridal dresses are here and– spoiler alert– they’re incredible! We’re digging deep through all the wedding dresses that boiled down the Bridal Fashion Week runways and bringing you all the latest bridal patterns. From superhero capes to boomerang-ready fringe and updates on off-the-shoulder and lace, we’ve got all the trends you have to know about.

Read on to see a few of our favorites.

Capes and Capelets

Not into veils? A full-length bridal cape or much shorter capelet is the best alternative: It still adds measurement to your dress, […]

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Unique and Unusual Bucks Night Ideas for Around Melbourne

So You’re Organising A Bucks Party In Melbourne?
You’re looking for fun, exciting and memorable bucks party ideas and venues that will have the boys AMAZED by your planning skills.

We’re all familiar with the stock-standard lad’s night out bucks party that involves drinking plenty of beer and spending the night in a dark (and sometimes questionable) bar. If that vibe doesn’t appeal to you and you’d prefer something not as tacky, there are so many more ideas out there. Melbourne has plenty of things to do when it comes to your bucks party, so here are a few classier ideas.

The bachelor party started as a gentlemen’s celebration: a civilized night of drawing-room drinking, smoking, and toasting to the bride’s health.

Boy, have things altered.

While most of today’s bachelor parties have dumped the civilized bit in favor of a raunchy night on the town, the list of attendees has stayed the very same. […]

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How to Keep the Guest List Small at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but when it comes to creating the guest list, things can sometimes get a bit daunting and awkward. No one wants to have to cull friends or family off the guests list, and there’s always the lingering worry that they may bring it up and question as to why they weren’t invited. Here, we’ve created an etiquette guide to trimming that guest list with minimal stress.

Divide Guests into Tiers and Go from There

One effective and systematic way to cut down the guest list is to divide guests into tiers of A, B, C and D. If you’re having purely a closest friends and family affair. If you’re having something a little bit bigger, invite B as well, and so on and so forth. When you’re deciding who to include in you’re A list, the general rule […]

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How to Write your Own Wedding Vows

Read These Tips Before Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Start by checking out conventional, by-the-book vows from your very own religious beliefs if you practice a certain faith, and others also, to see exactly what strikes home with you. Integrate these samples into the initial words you write or utilize them as a jumping-off point. As soon as you’ve found a few you enjoy, consider what it has to do with the style that draws you to those swears in particular.

Agree on format and tone with your fiancé.
Choose how you want your swears to come across. Do you imagine them as amusing? Poetic and romantic? Review the logistics too. Will you write them independently or together? Will they be various or will you make the same promises to each other as you would with traditional vows? Some couples do a little of each. Finally, will you share them with each other […]

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The Best Wedding Films of All Time

We all remember those stand-out movie weddings, for whatever reason. Perhaps they were especially humorous, disastrous, romantic or just a classic tear-jerker. Wedding movies are something that Hollywood does well, and when it comes to couples saying “I do” in movies, there are a few that spring to mind.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This iconic wedding romantic comedy film speaks to a lot of people in mixed-background couples, but is also generally just a humorous commentary on when two very different families are brought together in a marriage. Involving plenty of cringe-worthy, laugh-out-loud and touching moments.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

The 90s were the time for great wedding films, and the Brits do them the best. This movie falls under both categories, AND it has Hugh Grant in it. The plot revolves around a charming Englishman who is unlucky in love, and his encounters with a beautiful American woman at his friend’s […]

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Wedding Accessories for Him

On your wedding day, you want to embody the image of the suave gentleman groom. You’ve picked out your suit, but now you need a few more finishing touches to top off the look. Here are a selection of accessories that will get you looking ready for the big day with so little effort.


A three-piece suit is the epitome of gentlemanly style and charm. For that old-worldly sophisticated look, choose a navy or brown suit with a matching waistcoat.


The brogue is a timeless addition. Pair your three-piece suit with a pair of brown leather brogues for a match made in heaven! 

Pocket Handkerchief

If you’re all for attention to detail, opt for a silk pocket handkerchief. If you’re feeling bold and brave, choose a splash of vibrant colour. 

Bow Tie or Tie

A bow tie presents the perfect look for a vintage, country or folksy wedding. There are so many colours and patterns out […]

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Wedding Day Traditions And Superstitions From Around The World

You’ve probably heard the saying going “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for a bride to carry these four special objects as good luck charms on her wedding day. The saying originates from an old English tradition to bring good fortune to the happy couple. Every culture has their own traditions and superstitions when it comes to marriage. Here are just a few from around the world…


This well-known and now widely used tradition originated in Italy. Instead of using bits of paper or rice, originally the guests would throw candy, such as sugared almonds, as the bride and groom walked by.


In Mexico, the bride will carry two bouquets, one for herself and another representing a tribute to the Virgin Mary.


In Japan, the bride, groom and their parents will take three sips each from three cups of sake. This […]

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6 Weird And Wonderful Wedding Venues Around The World

A wedding should be a representation of the couple’s personality. With infinite types of personalities out there, it goes without saying that there have been all different kinds of weddings to match. If you can think of it, it’s probably been done. Here are just a few of the more unusual wedding venues around the world.


Located in beautiful Cornwall, the Eden Project is a unique place in every sense of the word. Using innovative technology, two biomes have been created underneath huge domes. It’s kind of like if The Secret Garden met a sci-fi film. You can get married in either the Mediterranean or Rainforest biome amongst the greenery, and enjoy a sustainably sourced feast with your guests afterwards. 


If you’re both winter or snow lovers, an Arctic Circle wedding in the Igloo Village in Lapland could be the perfect choice. Options for the ceremony include […]

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Guest Involvement Ideas To Make Your Wedding Day Wonderful

Your wedding day is all about making special memories with your friends and family that you can cherish for years to come. You want your guests to mingle and have fun, and there are a few little activities and techniques you can try on the day to get the ball rolling on guest involvement. Try these suggestions we’ve seen for weddings at Vogue Ballroom to make your wedding day as entertaining as possible for you and your guests.


Place a few disposable cameras on each table for guests to take their own happy snaps. You’ll be sure to have a laugh at the funny photos, or marvel at the beautiful moments that your guest will capture when you’re sorting through them later. Otherwise, you can let your guests take the cameras home to develop themselves. 


Put a guest questionnaire at every table setting, including questions about the guest themselves, their […]

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Ahh, celebrity weddings. We love to scrutinise them, draw inspiration from them and just plain gossip about them – from the dress to the catering and everything in between. The biggest talking point would have to be the location and venue, and the more exotic or extravagant the better. When it comes to high-profile celebs, there are no holds usually barred. Here are just a few of the most famous and fabulous celebrity wedding locations from around the world.


Victoria and David Beckham had their fairy tale wedding at this Irish castle in 1999. With sprawling grounds, two ballrooms, 12 rooms for guests and the potential to rent out the entire venue, it makes for the ultimate wedding celebration. 


If you’ve seen pictures of this location, you may recognise the house as the one from The Notebook, so it’s already got that ultimate romance factor. […]

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De-coding dress codes

Navigating dress codes can sometimes be a wardrobe nightmare. When you have a special event that has a dress code, what do these codes really mean? Be ready to plan your outfit for your next wedding or special occasion with our guide that takes the guesswork out of getting dressed!

Black Tie

For men, this dress code is crystal clear- wear a tuxedo. It’s a little more complicated for women as things generally are! You can technically wear a long ball gown type of dress to a formal cocktail dress or even dressy separates. There are more options but this can also mean more confusion. If your hair, make up and jewellery is quite dressy you can’t really go wrong so work with this also to create your black tie look as it can make all the difference.

Black Tie Optional

This dress code is a bit more of a grey area. Basically, it […]

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Social media in your wedding: how much is too much?

Social media can be expected to play a large role in weddings these days. When we live in a world where every special moment is documented instantaneously, from your vegan poke bowl instagramed before the end of your lunch break to a live documentation of a music concert on a snap chat story, it’s hard to avoid the expectation.

But how much is too much on your wedding day? Should you have a hashtag to promote sharing your special day with the world? Or do you wish it to remain private and live in the moment? Is waiting for the professional photos to be printed a thing of the past when the first photo of you and your partner as a married couple is already on your friend’s Instagram account before the first dance has commenced? We take a look and the pro’s and cons of using social media at a […]

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Creative wedding favours

An old wedding tradition that has stood the tests of time is providing your guests with wedding favours- a commemorative gift for your guests to keep remembering your special day and the fun they had at your wedding! Also known as bonbonniere, traditionally these were generally sweets or almond lollies in a little bag that each guest took home. But stepping into the 21st century, couples are getting way more creative and breaching the norms with new fun ideas!

Let love grow

Succulents or cute littler terrariums with each of the guest’s names printed on an attached tag is a creative wedding favour idea. This will be a useful gift as they can incorporate it into their décor when they return home and will always think of you! 

Let there be light

A candle is a nice idea for a wedding favour that your guests are bound to use. Symbolising the light and warmth […]

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