Pro-Glam’s Advice: Why You Need a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

Owner of Pro-Glam Makeup and Hair Chrisi Tsakiris says it’s highly recommended for a bride to invest in a professional makeup
artist for her wedding day.

She says that having someone there who the bride trusts and is comfortable with will take the stress away and eliminate time
being wasted if they were to apply it on themselves.

“Professional makeup Artists use high quality products and techniques to make sure your makeup lasts all day and night with
minimal touch ups.”

“Bridal makeup is different to every day makeup. A professional makeup artist will create a look that is fresh and glowing during the day, lasting and full coverage for the night but also flawless with the right amount of depth and colour for professional photography!”

Here is some of Chrisi’s expert advice that every bride-to-be should take note of: 

Some Benefits of Using a Professional Makeup Artist

You’re individual and unique colour palette will be matched perfectly […]

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